Breeze Driving School

When we were approached by a new startup, Breeze Driving School, and were asked to produce the corporate and promotional image, we could tell that the company didn't have huge expectations... starting up on a tight deadline and budget, and putting their faith in a company that they had heard about only by word of mouth.

We found that the average driving school in the UK either had slick design but bored its audience to death with facts and figures, or was the kind of self-design job that looked like it was produced by a technophobe in Microsoft Word. Having offered some input on the naming of the company and sifted through the ideas being proposed for realisation, we put Breeze at ease (yes, we know...) and took the driving seat (hey, we can write copy too!) and combined the relaxed 'feel' of the name and the unique concept of using the latest convertible dual-control rides with some slick contemporary design, and produced an image that literally made jaws drop. Given wholehearted approval, we've produced the company image, stationary, promotional material & website for Breeze and designed their vehicle graphics. We look forward to their expansion and growth with a committment to finding the solution to any design and print needs that they have.

George Duncan Films
George Duncan Films are a local corporate and wedding video production house. We've produced several of their promotional brochures for use at trade fairs, wedding fairs, and as promotional mailers.
CoDA - Conservation Design Ltd.
CoDA Conservation Design, an architectural and structural engineering firm with an established corporate image, approached us to critically assess their website. Having already paid to have a website produced, the company were not happy that they had, indeed, received the best design that they could, and were concerned that the site was low-impact and not necessarily produced to accepted internet standards. We diagnosed and concurred, and confirmed that this was one of many cases where companies and individuals claiming to be able to code web pages were once again the most basic users of Microsoft Frontpage and didn't know the first thing about design or, for that matter, web site interface.

We soon put that problem to rights, and assembled not only their highly in-keeping corporate pages, but designed an attractive and compellingly interactive image gallery which pushed the envelope of possibilities for the company, and they are currently conceiving ideas for expanding the gallery section further.

VTEN Home Entertainment
VTEN, a small independent home entertainment store supplying movie and game rental, DVD players and associated products approached us for corporate design, interior design consultancy, print solutions, website and exterior design in making a transition to a new name, image and identity. Having worked with the advertising design of the previous store incarnation, we produced branding, and then focused on giving them a website and advertising design which was easy to maintain while retaining a cost effective structural simplicity which was not conducive to the labour intensity or expensive skillbase required for custom written database driven content management systems, but was too unique for application to the most basic off-the-shelf open source CMS's... on a tight deadline and budget we produced table and CSS driven editable solutions which lend themselves to ongoing development and scalability as and when need demands and budget allows.

Similarly, we work with VTEN to produce high-impact designs for in-store advertising and flyer handouts which work in low-cost black and white and photocopying solutions, as budget is a priority.

Preston Community Arts Project (PRESCAP)
We were commissioned, in one of our earlier incarnations, by visual artist David Collins to consult on a website for a project he was conducting with PRESCAP, back in the early days of multimedia interactive websites. The 'Yes We Still Can' project was focused upon profiling the work of the participants in the Preston Community Arts Project in a candid 'storytelling' way, discussing how able bodied and disabled members alike had overcome hurdles and prejudices, with a focus on novel navigation methods for an almost entirely visual site. We worked the design concept alongside David, optimised the web graphics (no mean feat in those days) and coded the pages.
THREESIXTEEN conduct a varied range of work for a variety of clients of all shapes, sizes and budgets. From small business startups to established firms, community ventures to registered charities we've been pleased to be able to offer advice and find solutions for all kinds of situations, and enjoy an ongoing association with most of our clients.
Righteous Books

THREESIXTEEN have been proud to be associated with Righteous Books Christian Publishing since its inception in 1995. We've produced their corporate identity, their advertising and collateral for direct mail and press publication, their web based resources, and from 1997 became responsible for their book cover designs, layout design and typesetting as well as overseeing the print production of their publications.

Prestige Fibres
Prestige Fibres, an international importer/exporter of premium fibres, commissioned us to produce the branding and artwork for a range of excellent mohair socks (which our foot model assured us are extremely comfortable during the production of the product photography). There was a transatlantic element to the project which utilised fibre from traditional ranches in Texas, where some of the finished product were destined to be sold, and so we worked on an old West theme for the 'Mesquite' brand. Apart from producing the product identity, imagery, and packaging we produced the marketing pamphlets for trade shows and point of sale.
British Alpaca Cooperative
The British Alpaca Cooperative were suitably impressed with our branding for the 'Mesquite' range, that for their own collaboration with Prestige Fibres, they commissioned us to produce the branding for their 'British Alpaca Sock'' range... which we did. And now we're experts on both alpaca llamas and mohair goats...
Preach the Word Conferences UK
Preach the Word UK is a series of Christian conference events promoting the teaching of the Bible as the Word of God. We've been pleased to have been involved in the production of event branding, promotional material and websites.
Calvary Otley
Calvary Fellowship Otley, an affiliate of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, has a long history with THREESIXTEEN, and not merely in the significance of John 3:16. We've worked with CalvaryOtley for many years, producing low budget effective artwork solutions for a variety of purposes from stationary and special events flyers, to newspaper advertising, various incarnations of their website, and latterly a design overhaul.
Binary 9 Studios Ltd
Binary 9 Studios were a game development studio specialising in GameboyAdvance games. Sadly now no longer in existence, we worked with Binary 9 on corporate branding in a prior incarnation as new startup 'Screaming Kings.' We had some wonderful visuals but due to some rather ridiculous naming regulations in the United Kingdom which damn the naming of Limited Companies if they happen to have a name that bears even the remotest resemblance to monarchy, the company had to have a very swift name change. We worked with Binary 9 at every stage of this development, and we produced the concept and artwork for their 'barcode' logo and the artwork for their business cards. We were involved in ongoing consultancy with them on graphic design and are credited for 'Graphic Design' in their game title 'Pinball Challenge Deluxe' published by UbiSoft.